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At what point does your eyes stop caring?

OK… let me just start out by saying to other than the 0.00001% of you out there that will get this, I’m sorry.  I’m soooo sorry.  You can skip this one.  But this has been irking me.  In fact it’s … Continue reading

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Mental Exercise – Parallel Universes

I was reading an interview from Bruce Boxleitner, and in addition to the main part of the article talking about Tron: Uprising, he also at the end mentioned another project he’s working on.  I’ll give you a taste – think Game … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Brick and Mortar stores

There will always be a place for physical stores. Even in an age where you can get groceries delivered fresh to your doorstep, toiletries delivered on time every month, and even completely customized kitchens sent in lots of small packages … Continue reading

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Is it better to be first? Or be late but do it right?

Its new! Its amazing! It’s the first of it’s kind! It’s… Not quite right… That’s the situations most companies fall into. Some new technology, idea, or functionality comes out.  And all of a sudden the market has a couple items … Continue reading

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