Doctor Who Prequel: Pond Life

As many of you know I’m quite the Whovian. I enjoy my Dr. Who. I adore watching the show. Been watching since I was a kid and it aired on PBS. So when the BBC anounced that they were treating us to a 5 part prequel just before the new Dr Who season, I was quite happy. However I found it anoying trying to find each clip as it came out. There was no page that just had all of them.

So this is to fix that. Here is from the BBC One YouTube feed all 5 episodes of the Doctor Who Prequel: Pond Life

Each webisode is only a few minutes long and follows the (seemingly?) random interations between the Ponds and the Doctor. Canonically it takes place between the last episode of Dr Who (“The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”) and the first episode of the new season (“Asylum of the Daleks”).

Originally these were released over five days, from August 27-31, 2012. And the new season starts tomorrow (Sept 1) on BBC (and BBC America)! GERONIMO!






All content Copyright Doctor Who @ BBC


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