Nest Unboxing and Info

I recently ordered a Nest Learning Thermostat a while back.  For those that are familiar with programable thermostats, the Nest brings all that customization and options in a stylish case.  However anyone who’s tried programing one of those will be happy to see it’s incredibly easy to program either directly on the device or from any web device (web browser, iPad, or iPhone).  Best of all, you don’t even have to program anything. Instead, you can just let the Nest learn your habits and figure out (and adjust) by itself with the sensors in it.

I received my Nest and decided to do an unboxing video.  I cover the packaging and get into some of my thoughts about the Nest.

Following is all the Nest videos they’ve put up on Youtube to show more about it.  I’ll have a full review once I get a month in of using it. So far so good.  Just wish the house had more features for me to play with.


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